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Tubebending machines for cold forming of pipes and profile

With several decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality tube bending machines, we can guarantee advanced machines that give you good conditions to streamline your production. Herber has a wide range of pipe bending machines, adapted to different sizes of tubes and profiles.

A tube bender for all - Herber 350RL

The Herber 350RL is definitetly a customer favorite. The machine is a Right-Left machine for profiles with up to 40 mm outer diameter. The 350RL sets a new standard in advanced tube bending at several points, and it is also adapted to work in automated production lines. The pipe bending machine has the ability to automate loading, bending and sorting of products, which makes it suitable for all production lines that require pipe bending.

Automation with tube bending

There are several different possibilities to automate your production with the help of Herber machines. Together with several partners, we can offer automation solutions including pipe bending. We offer the opportunity to develop proposals for exactly the production cell you need. We do everything from more simple automation solutions to complete production cells including feeding, cutting, bending and sorting.

From 3D-files to sorted tube kits

Read our catalogue made together with our partner T-Drill. The catalogue contains examples of various automation solutions we can offer and testimonials from previous customers. We have good competence in automation solutions and have delivered tube bending solutions to companies all over the world.

Why a tube bending machine from Herber?

If you work in the metal industry and pipework, you’ve probably noticed that it’s important to have the right tools for the job. A tube bending machine is one of the most important investments you can make to ensure you get the most out of your pipes and that you can work as efficiently as possible.

A tube bending machine from Herber Engineering allows you to bend pipes with high precision and reliability, for large and small profiles. Our machines allow you to create high-quality products with a smooth and reliable surface.

Herber supplies various types of tube bending machines, bort electric and hydraulic models. It is important to choose the right machine for your business, based on your production volume, material and pipe size. We are there to support your choice of tube bending machine.

So if you want to increase your productivity and ensure high quality of your pipes and profiles, it’s time to invest in a tube bending machine from Herber.

From 3d files to sorted tube kits

Explore our automation solutions.

Read our latest catalogue together with T-Drill. We offert fully automated production solutions.