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We provide solutions to often complex problems. In many cases complete system solutions. It is precisely this that is our strength, to be responsive to the customer’s needs and to deliver the optimal total solution. Much is based on our long experience. We stay at the cutting edge of the latest technology, and meeting every detailed requirement and every specification we see as self-evident.

Ultimately, it is also our responsibility to ensure that the equipment works as it should at the customer’s location. Through solid training, both on site with us and with you as a customer, we always ensure this.

Because it’s about security. You should never have to doubt that you as a customer have made the absolute best choice.



With roots deep in the Swedish industrial tradition, we at Herber have been a successful manufacturer and supplier of machines for cold forming of pipes since 1945. We are Scandinavia’s only manufacturer of tube bending machines and have the world as a market. Our range includes machines that can handle pipes from 4 mm up to 160 mm diameter. Our high-tech, all-electrically controlled machines are produced with the latest known technology.

This guarantees high-quality, safe and cost-effective operation for many years to come for users. Herber is a full service partner. We offer our customers a total commitment from idea stage through prototypes to training, zero series, commissioning and maintenance. All our machines are built entirely according to the customer’s needs and specifications.

The starting point for a new Herber tube bending machine is often a customer request to develop a new product or a new variant of an earlier product. Thanks to our extensive modular system, powerful IT support and our many years of experience, we can quickly create the required solution. The modular system allows us to keep lead times down, which benefits our customers through cost-effective solutions with a long operating life.

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