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Pice AB in Älmhult manufactures stainless steel hot tubs and pools for private use and bigger facilities. Naturally, this requires ladders and handrails.

Pice AB has been using an older Herber machine in their production for many years, but some time ago they decided to upgrade their tube bender. Therefore, we helped to develop a solution tailored to their production, including a Herber 710s.

Previously, we had an older Herber machine that we were satisfied with. However, it was getting outdated, and we felt we wanted to update to increase the efficiency in our production. The new machine has been beneficial partly because we are now able to bend with several different tools without having to change for every bend. Of course, there are also other advantages of buying a new machine, such as increased production speed and better opportunities for service and spare parts.

Pice AB Älmhult

The need for a new machine was discovered some years ago. We were involved in the entire process from selecting the right tube bending machine for their operations to final installation. After the installation, we have educated employees to ensure that their production runs smoothly.

Herber Pice AB
Herber rörbockningsmaskin

I have worked with several tube bending machines earlier in my career and Herber has always been something I associate with high quality. You know you get a good product if you invest in a Herber. They have been involved in the entire process of getting the new machine up and running and they have responded to all my questions. I’m very happy and satisfied with the partnership.

Are you in need of a tube bending solution?

Fredrik Pettersson Herber