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Guide: Industrial tubebending machine

In the metal industry and tube processing, choosing the right tool is critical to success, and that’s where the tube bending machine takes center stage. Herber Engineering is at the forefront of offering advanced solutions for automation and tube bending. Let’s explore what an industrial tube bending machine is and why it can be the key to increased productivity and high quality results.

What does tubebending mean?

Tube bending is an important process in metalworking that enables the shaping of pipes and pipelines in desired profiles and angles. This technology is used in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing and the automotive industry. By using a tube bending machine, one can create bent tubes of various shapes and sizes without losing the structural integrity of the tube.

How does tube bending work?

A tube bending machine uses different techniques to bend pipes, and the process varies depending on the type of machine. Generally speaking, the tube bending process involves placing a pipe in the machine and using pressure and forming tools to bend the pipe to the desired shape.

Areas of use for bent pipes:

Bent pipes are used to create various components and structural elements. In climate and ventilation systems, bent pipes can be used to create efficient pipe systems. In the automotive industry, they can be used to create exhaust systems or frame components. In the construction industry, bent pipes can be used for architectural details or railings.

Advantages of tube bending:

The solution for you

Herber Engineering AB produces advanced machines for tube bending, both electric and hydraulic, to form pipes and profiles with cold working. For our customers, precision, accuracy and flexibility are of great importance, and we strive for you to feel confident with your choice of supplier. That’s why we tailor each tube bending machine according to each individual customer’s unique needs and specifications.

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Why a tube bending machine from Herber?

Working efficiently and creating high-quality products requires the right tool. A tube bending machine from Herber Engineering enables precision and reliability in the tube bending process, regardless of whether it concerns large or small profiles. Here are some reasons why Herber’s pipe bending machines are a necessary investment:

Here you find information about Herbers tube bending machines.

Next level of tube bending

We offer answers to problems that are often complex, and in many situations we present complete system solutions. This is precisely our strength: we are responsive to the customer’s needs and deliver the most optimal overall solution. We are constantly up-to-date with the latest technology and meeting every detailed requirement and specification is a matter of course for us.

Frequently asked questions about tube bending machines

We strive to facilitate your search for the desired information and at the same time want to ensure that you feel confident with the information provided. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us for free advice.

Why is a tube bending machine a good investment?

It is an excellent investment for several reasons. It helps you increase your efficiency and precision while the machine maintains the structural integrity of the pipe. The machine is versatile and cost-effective thanks to automation and high production speed.

Where can I buy a tube bending machine?

Herber Engineering has several decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality machines for tube bending and guarantees advanced machines that give you good conditions to streamline your production. Herber has a wide range of tube bending machines, adapted to different sizes of tubes and profiles.

Which tube bending machine should I choose?

The machines are complex and there is simply no simple answer. We recommend that you contact our experts for free advice.

Which type of tube bending machine is best for my business?

The choice of tube bending machine depends on factors such as production volume, material and pipe size. Herber Engineering offers expert support in choosing the most suitable machine for your needs.

What is the difference between electric and hydraulic tube bending machines?

Electric machines are used for smaller productions and provide faster cycle times. Hydraulic machines are powerful and suitable for heavy and complex bending.

Can Herber automate our entire pipe production?

Yes, Herber can tailor automation solutions that include all steps in the tube production process, from feeding to sorting. Invest in Herber Engineering’s advanced industrial tube bending machines today to increase your productivity and ensure high quality results in every bend.

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Automation for efficient manufacturing

Herber takes automation to the next level by offering customized pipe bending automation solutions. Through partnership, we can create complete production cells that include feeding, cutting, bending and sorting. This comprehensive solution enables flexible and efficient manufacturing.