Herber Boilerbenders

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Herber Boilerbender


Booster Benders for Boiler Tubes

Tube and Pipe bending machines engineered to meet the specific
demands for producing; Super Heater Coils, Boiler Bank Tubes,
Water Wall Panels and Economizers Coils.


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Booster Benders for Boiler Tubes

Herber Engineering AB has been manufacturing cold forming machinery for tube and
pipe since 1945 and with almost 70 years of experience is recognized worldwide as
one of the premier manufacturers and largest producers of booster bending machines
specifically engineered for the precise requirements of the boiler industry.

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Boost your bending and your bottom line


Herber Booster Benders can be fitted with equipment for bending
long tubes directly from handling equipment, material storage racks
or welding station.

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  1. Tube feeding directly from handling equipment or material storage racks.
  2. Motorized in-feed system for presenting the tube to the bend tooling.
  3. Laser sensor for detecting the incoming edge of the tube.
  4. Laser sensor for determining the exact position of the tube after in-feeding.

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5.  Booster clamping device for centerline boosting with enormous force thus greatly reducing wall thinning and ovality of the bent tube.
6.  Split die tooling for bending 180 degree bends.
7.  Drop away clamp system.
8.  Bending serpentine bends with small radii.


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