Service & Support

We believe that a well defined and implemented maintenance programme increases the availability and life time of any kind of machine – bending machines are no exception! Together with proper training on machine handling and swift service it form the basis of a well functioning and highly available unit.

The best and quickest way to reach us on service & support is:
Tel: +46 (0)370 - 69 95 68
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Spare parts
Tel: +46 (0)370 - 69 95 69
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our after-market service offering can be divided into the following four key areas:

We provide a remote tool diagnostic option in addition to our technical support response team. By using a modem or an internet connection, we can often quickly diagnose and fix a machine problem without the need for a service dispatch.
Note: The machine must be equipped for remote diagnostic and have access to Internet.

(former SPONDER)
Quick Support is a service that makes it possible to mirror your machine computer, thru this information, we are able to give you support online!
If you are in the need of support, please contact our Service & Support department before any support issue and make sure your machine is online.
When our support team have dedicated a technician for You, please follow the below given instructions.

Instruction for Quick support:

  1. Please Click on the link here ”Quick Support” and answer yes to all questions during the installation on the machine PC.
  2. When the program starts, please give the technician the Partner ID and the password. Note: this password are only for the connection session. We are now able to look at your machine screen and are ready to support you.
  3. After the session are finished and you are closing the software down, all data and components are deleted.

To be able to connect again, you as the customer have to give us a new password.
If You need to use the Quick Support again, the above procedure need to be repeated.
If You have any questions regarding the connection and how it is made, please don´t hesitate to ask our technicians.

Sometimes when unforeseen stops occur at our customers we as a supplier faces a challenge. The challenge being to appear on site as quickly as possible when the customer has a problem. We are handling this through good planning, flexibility and a close cooperation with you as our customer.

Highly advanced production equipment requires well trained and experienced service-technicians together with well-defined procedures. Today highly automated production cells is in operation more than one shift per day which further emphasizes the need of planned maintenance to avoid unplanned stops in the production.

Highly advanced production equipment can not be used efficiently if the operators do not know how to use it. Here is where education in different areas can increase and optimise your production. We can offer training programmes in different areas such as programming, bending techniques and more.