Tube Bending in short

Setting of tools at the draw bending

Bend die

To be fitted with the clamp jaw aligned with the bending direction.

Clamp jaw

Check the height of the groove and the alignment against the profile plate. Adjust the clamping pressure for firm clamping without slippage during the bending.


Place a tube in the machine and clamp. Push the pressure die against the tube and lock it into position. The pressure die position is, in principle, to be against the tube without any horizontal pressure. When required re-adjust in small steps.


Choose type of mandrel according to the table. Adjust the mandrel with the front part of the mandrel body max. 0,5 x inside diameter of tube in front of the centre line of the tool. Check different positions for best result.

Wiper die

Place a tube in the machine and clamp. Fit the wiper die as far forward as possible, the front end of the wiper die should be almost at the centre line of the profi le plate, and lock it into position. The wiper die is to be aligned, with the pressure die or with a slight angle leading away from it.

A wiper die is recommended when the proportion outside diameter/wall thickness is within the grey field.

N = No mandrel
S = Plug mandrel
K = Ball mandrel
L = Flexible ball mandrel (the figure indicates the recommended number of balls.)