Tube Bending Design

1. Profile plate

Manufactured of hardened steel and with the fixed clamp jaw welded or screwed into the profi le plate to obtain best possible transition between the radius and the straight part. For improved bending quality the groove can be made extra deep or to an elliptical form.

2. Wiper die

For small radius and thinner wall thickness. The table to the right shows at which radius and wall thickness a wiper die is recommended. The wiper dies are manufactured of hardened steel or Ampco.

3. Clamp jaw

Manufactured of hardened steel. Recommended clamping length: three times the tube diameter. For shorter clamping lengths the groove can be fluted to obtain a better grip. In other cases the groove can be milled for bend in bend configurations.

4. Pressure die

Manufactured of hardened steel. When a fixed pressure die is used the recommended pressure die length is four times the tube diameter. When using follower pressure die or a pressure die booster the recommended pressure die length is twice the tube diameter plus half the circumference of the profile plate (for 180 degree bending).

5. Mandrel

For small radius and thin wall thicknesses. Manufactured of steel or Ampco. The table to the right shows the recommended type of mandrel for respective radius, outside diameter wall thickness and bending angle.