Herber Engineering AB, a part of Duroc ab


Herber co-works with primarily three partners. We hold a close relationship with the companies, and offer eachothers services in order to ensure a better supply for our customers. Together, we can create an automated overall solution with end formingcutting,  bending and sorting.

Since the beginning of SOCO operations, they have always represented excellence in tube processing. First in Tube Cutting, then in Tube Bending and finally in Tube Laser Cutting, SOCO is internationally acknowledged as a complete solution provider for the tube and pipe processing industry.

T-Drill is a manufacturer of high-tech tube and pipe fabrication solutions. Our standard products consist of a wide range of machine tools that are used in many different industries, from automotive to shipbuilding. In addition to our wide product range, we have a strong emphasis on product development and after sales support. This development is backed up by an effective production system and many decades of experience.

Together we create solutions.

With our partners we can deliver automation solutions for your production. 

From 3d files to sorted tube kits

Utforska våra lösningar för automation.

Läs vår senaste broschyr tillsammans med T-Drill. Vi erbjuder helhetslösningar för automatiserad produktion.