New CEO of Herber Engineering AB

After 8 years at Herber Lennart Claesson hand over to Andreas Nord who will be the new CEO of all Group companies.
Andreas Nord is 43 years old, born in Ljungby came into the business as Marketing Manager and co-owner of Herber in 2014.

The company faces many interesting and exciting challenges in the near future.
Herber has been developing and manufacturing high quality equipment for pipe bending, this strategy is fixed.
Herber got during the year a new partner in the Taiwanese family owned company SOCO.
Our first common goal is to establish SOCO European Technical Center at Herber, Värnamo.
An establishment in Germany in 2016 is the plan to get closer to the Central European market with both Herber and Socos portfolio of industrial solutions.

Lennart Claesson, President of Herber 2008-2016 will remain in the business as a partner and advisor.