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AGI2 (Pty) Ltd

South Africa

Lars Mandal

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Its all about

AGITO, (latin), form of agō, “do, act, make”

To become a major supplier of tested and proven automated solutions for the South African industry - representing a number of global recognised manufacturers/supplier in terms of equipment, processes or complete solutions that delivers according to expectations when we leave site.

Supply verified and proven automation solutions to the South African industry, thereby increase our customers competiveness on local and global basis.

We have more than 10 years of experience of robot based automated solutions delivered to the industry in Europe and Africa. In addition to providing tested and proven equipment and solutions we can also provide project management for several types of projects.

We have experience of leading and managing projects up to R 250 million. Project has been on time, on budget and been delivered with required quality to the satisfaction of the customers (externally and internally).